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Charlotte’s Brightside


Registered Charity Number 1146024, registered with Charity Commission in February 2012…. is a charity that supports children and young people. 
We are based in New Brighton, Wirral in a purposely refurbished centre; we provide a wide range of activities to positively engage children and young 
people.  Our varied activities include: Yoga, rap, graffiti, art, crafts, cooking, drama, dance, singing & Choir. 

The charity was established in 2011 in memory of Charlotte Churchill,
a 19 yr old young woman, who passed away in April that year, as a result of
a tragic car accident. To support our charity, please Click here to donate via Local Giving, all donations are sincerely appreciated.

Our aim, is to relieve the needs of children and young people and help them to advance in life through: The provision of recreational and leisure time activities, 
provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life, and by providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities 
and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

All of our events have been aimed at including and improving the lives of young people in our local area; involving young people in planning and coordinating 
high profile events, celebrating and showcasing the talents of local young people. 

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